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Sod Sitting, Get Moving!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Muir Gray
Diana Moran

Contemporary Society

Muir Gray and Diana Moran

£6 - £12


Event duration: 1 hour

Location: Blenheim Palace: The Marlborough Room

The Green Goddess of BBC Breakfast Time Diana Moran joins forces with one of the country’s leading public health experts Sir Muir Gray to explain how to keep fit and healthy in later life.

Moran and Gray have collaborated on a new book, Sod Sitting, Get Moving!, that is a guide to staying fit and healthy in your 60s, 70s and 80s. They explain which exercises, stretches and strengthening movements will help with fitness, strength and suppleness and urge everyone to walk more and move more to ensure they are fitter and feel better.

Moran launched the 80s fitness trend in the UK and was a mainstay on national television for five years, where she became known as The Green Goddess for her green leotard. At 78, she is health and fitness editor for The Lady, has a radio programme on Age UK’s The Wireless channel, We’ve Got Mail, and regularly appears on television to advise on health and fitness.

Gray is the bestselling author of Sod Seventy!, Sod Sixty! and Sod it Eat Well! He is a consultant in public health at Oxford University Hospitals, was the first chief knowledge officer of the NHS and was founding director of the NHS national screening programmes.





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