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Steve Hogarth .

Introduced by David Freeman

Marillion and The Invisible Man Diaries

Saturday 27 September 2014

1 Hour


St Mary Magdalene Church



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Lead singer with progressive rock band Marillion Steve Hogarth talks about his life and sings and plays on the piano a few songs for festival-goers. Hogarth joined Marillion in 1989 and has since made 13 albums with the band and toured extensively across the globe. Marillion were the most successful band to emerge from the UK’s 1980s neo-progressive rock scene and have sold 15 million albums worldwide. Despite a virtual radio and TV vacuum, they still have a fanatical following today, selling out concerts and festivals worldwide.

In the 90s Hogarth began keeping a diary after his father suggested he should start writing down some of the amazing things that happened in his life. The first volume of The Invisible Man Diaries 1991-1997 has just been published and includes accounts both of life as a rock star on tour and of a father playing with his kids. There are stories of lunch with Neil Armstrong in Garfunkels, of waking up in a hotel bed to find a crowd watching him sleep, and of rehearsing in a studio next door to the likes of Mick Jagger, The Who, and Iggy Pop.