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Events on Sunday 16 September

Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur Jaffrey Interviewed by

Shakespeare in India

9:30am | Sunday 16 September Language & Literature
Ross King

Ross King

Leonardo and the Last Supper

9:30am | Sunday 16 September Art, Architecture and Design
Jerome Burne

Jerome Burne

The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

9:30am | Sunday 16 September Contemporary Society
Peter York

Peter York

Jim Lee’s Arrested

9:30am | Sunday 16 September Biography & Memoir
Mark Oakley

Mark Oakley

Festival service

10:00am | Sunday 16 September Faith and Religion
Andrew Adonis

Andrew Adonis and Alom Shaha

The Great Debate: Faith in Our Schools

11:29am | Sunday 16 September Contemporary Society
Hilary Roberts

Hilary Roberts and Mark Holborn

Cecil Beaton and Photographers at War

11:30am | Sunday 16 September History
Juliet Nicolson

Juliet Nicolson


11:30am | Sunday 16 September Fiction
Fred Pearce

Fred Pearce

The Landgrabbers: The New Fight over who Owns the Earth

11:30am | Sunday 16 September Contemporary Society
William Sitwell

William Sitwell Interviewed by

A History of Food in 100 Recipes

1:00pm | Sunday 16 September Food and Drink
James Runcie

James Runcie and Thomas Mogford

Detective Heroes: Sydney Chambers and Spike Sanguinetti

1:00pm | Sunday 16 September Crime Fiction
Rory Stuart

Rory Stuart

What are Gardens For? Experiencing, Making and Thinking about Gardens

3:00pm | Sunday 16 September Gardening and Garden History
Andrea Stuart

Andrea Stuart and Remi Kapo

Slavery and its Impact on the World

3:00pm | Sunday 16 September History
Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks Interviewed by David Freeman

Finding My Voice: Elkie Brooks Sings and Talks About Her Life

3:00pm | Sunday 16 September Music
Desmond Shawe-Taylor

Desmond Shawe-Taylor and Jennifer Scott Interviewed by Steven Parissien

The Compton Verney Talk: Changing Face of Monarchs

3:00pm | Sunday 16 September Art, Architecture and Design