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Events on Saturday 15 September

Angus Fraser

Angus Fraser Interviewed by Brian Viner

Breakfast Bowl: Health of Cricket and Next Year’s Ashes

8:00am | Saturday 15 September Sport
Liz Earle

Liz Earle

Skin Secrets: Discover Healthy Beautiful Skin

9:30am | Saturday 15 September Contemporary Society
Rory Clements

Rory Clements, Marina Fiorato and Harry Sidebottom Chaired by Kate Parkin

Writing The Past: Fact and Fiction in Historical Novels

9:30am | Saturday 15 September Workshop
Peter Hennessy

Peter Hennessy

Lunch with Peter Hennessy: Distilling the Frenzy

11:00am | Saturday 15 September History
Orlando Figes

Orlando Figes

Just Send Me Word: Love and Survival in the Gulag

11:30am | Saturday 15 September History
David Priestland

David Priestland

Merchant, Soldier, Sage: A New History of Power

1:00pm | Saturday 15 September History
Jonathan Bate

Jonathan Bate and Dora Thornton Chaired by Claire Cochrane

Shakespeare: Staging the World

1:30pm | Saturday 15 September History
Anne Somerset

Anne Somerset

Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion

3:00pm | Saturday 15 September History
Chris Gooddie

Chris Gooddie

The Jewel Hunter

3:00pm | Saturday 15 September Exploration, Travel & Travel History
David Crystal

David Crystal

Spell it Out and The Story of English in 100 Words

3:00pm | Saturday 15 September Language & Literature
Lindsey Hilsum

Lindsey Hilsum, Eugene Rogan and David Aaronovitch Chaired by Munir Majid

Syria and the Arab Spring

5:00pm | Saturday 15 September Current Affairs
Sheila Hale

Sheila Hale Introduced by Martin Kemp

Titian: His Life

5:00pm | Saturday 15 September Biography & Memoir
Deborah Harkness

Deborah Harkness, Peter York , Ken Hom , Madhur Jaffrey , Jerome Burne Martin Kemp

Literary Salon and Dinner

6:00pm | Saturday 15 September Dinners
Deborah Harkness

Deborah Harkness

All Souls Trilogy: Shadow of Night

9:15pm | Saturday 15 September Fiction