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How to Look and Feel Good SOLD OUT

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Alyson Walsh
Abigail James
Sian Ranscombe


Alyson Walsh, Abigail James, Katy Young and Sian Ranscombe

£6 - £12


Event duration: 1 hour

Location: Blenheim Palace: The Indian Room

Skin expert Abigail James and fashion journalist Alyson Walsh join forces with Harper’s Bazaar beauty director Katy Young and Harper’s Bazaar beauty editor Sian Ranscombe to offer some inspiration on how you can feel good and look elegant and stylish.

James is renowned across the industry for her expertise on making skin look good. In her new book, Love Your Skin, she explains how genetic background, diet, where you live and what you eat can all have an impact on your skin. She shows how you can have a healthy skin and offers tips on the beauty products and low-cost and homemade solutions that can keep you looking good.

Walsh is a freelance fashion journalist writing for the Financial Times and the Guardian and author of the popular blog That’s Not My Age. For her book Know Your Style: Mix it, Match it, Love it, Walsh spoke to fashion experts around the globe to gather ideas for how any woman can dress with confidence and lead a stylish life.

This event is one of a series devoted to writers past and present associated with Harper’s Bazaar to mark the 150th anniversary of the magazine.





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