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... I’m off to work for John Lewis!
I don’t know know if Lord Mark Price’s talk was intended as a kind of American pastor revivalist meeting to recruit new John Lewis employees (after all, they are opening in Oxford in a few weeks time), but hell, by the end of it, I was all ready to stand and claim “I can see! It’s a miracle”.
Because dammit, he really was that convincing, that charismatic, that fully armed with folksy tales about how he learnt the true value of people.
If truth be told, I actually went to see Kamel Ahmed of the BBC (and huge business brain), but he, and how cool is this “had to go to Washington on short notice”
Still, I wasn’t disappointed. Lord Price, who is a former managing director of Waitrose, was a brilliant speaker and very, very ‘normal’ (remember, he was Trade and Investment Minister).
So, a talk about employee recognition and its obvious benefits to the employer that actually didn’t feel like an A-Level in Economics. How miraculous is that?

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